Visualizing Content Performance with Elastic at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

As Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC shares massive amounts of radio, television, and news content each day. With the Elastic Stack they're gaining new insights into how that content is performing, whether it's by surfacing usage statistics to the public, performing complex content performance analysis, or creating easy-to-understand visualizations for senior management.

You'll learn how the CBC started ingesting data into Elastic Cloud and a few configurations before quickly scaling to handle a rapidly expanding database. You'll also see how they are currently leveraging the Elastic Stack for content performance analysis, using Kibana to quickly visualize data, and planning to bring in new data sources like Facebook's Open Graph and YouTube's analytics API to create a 360-degree view of how content is performing across platforms.

Sean Bennett

Developer/Analyst, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Sean is a developer with a penchant for producing great tools for delivering content performance data – which helps promote a culture of data-driven decision making within CBC. He has been championing a skunkworks project for ingesting social performance data that has rapidly grown to a special projects team that leverages Elastic Could.

Stefan Piruzevski

Stefan is CBC's product manager responsible for the tools content producers use to publish stories to the web and places a heavy focus on supporting content production and workflow. He relies on Elastic and Kibana to deliver actionable insights that can be used to improve his user's CMS experience and the content workflows they follow so that journalists can stay focused on creating great content.