Upgrade to 6.0: Leading with Empathy

This is the story of how we built an Elastic upgrade experience that spans products, versions, and users. It begins with relationships, is sustained by empathy, and is challenged by the unknown.

The complexity of the project from the cross-product integration level should not be underestimated, nor should the difficulty of supporting users beset with different scenarios. Hear about the surprises we experienced along the journey that impacted release dates and see what to expect in the 7.0 upgrade.

Archana Sriram

After over a decade as a software engineer, I'm interested in the hard problems. Thankfully there are a few at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, building AI to automate teaching was my favorite work. My educational background in discovering user needs and designing educational experiences informs my UX focus as an engineer. I'm a survivor and happy to be alive, every single day. I love to backcountry hike, swim, bike, run, rock climb, teach yoga, and help people with chronic injuries using massage therapy and posture alignment.