Marketing Can Kibana

How many Tweets do we send a day? Who are our top blog authors? How frequently do we publish content with specific tags over a given period of time? The Elastic marketing team collaborates with the Elastic Infrastructure and Developer Relations teams to build out, modify, and utilize dashboards that offer insight into content and community engagement.

Hear how the mere mortals of the marketing team derive value from the Elastic Stack by creating and exploring visualizations in Kibana.

Renuka Gough

Renuka Gough creates messaging for the Elastic website, emails, social platforms, and event collateral. She works cross-functionally with many teams including product, field marketing, demand generation, and customer programs. Prior to working at Elastic, Renuka ran the demand generation team for a website security company.

Katrina Odfina

Katrina is a member of the Demand Generation team at Elastic. She focuses on a variety of marketing campaigns, including webinars, localized programs, paid advertising campaigns, and more. 

Haley Eshagh

Haley is a content architect at Elastic.