From Raw Data to Critical Decisions: Analyzing Data with Kibana

You might have used the Elastic Stack to derive insights from your log data or perhaps "you know, for search." But it is also a wonderful data analytics platform.

See a showcase of Elastic Stack data analytics capabilities by exploring and analyzing real-world data with time and space components. Learn how to bring in tabular data using Logstash, set up Kibana to query and explore the data, and use Kibana visualizations and dashboards to make meaningful presentations. You’ll also see how to use X-Pack to enhance the default capabilities of the Elastic Stack by generating reports, detecting anomalies in the data, and securing enterprise deployments.

Download presentation slides.

Rashmi Kulkarni

Rashmi is a software engineer (QA) at Elastic.

Thomas Neirynck

Thomas Neirynck is an experienced software engineer, and has worked in the government, defense, and open source communities. As a contributor for Kibana, he currently helps users to get insights from their data.

Tim Roes

Tim has been at Elastic since July 2017 and been a Kibana enthusiast since the early Kibana 4 beta. Nowadays he's mainly working on improving and creating Kibana visualizations.