IBM Bluemix Platform Logging with the Elastic Stack

IBM Bluemix platform logs to the Elastic stack. Learn about the flexibility of our logging solutions in microservice environments. See Docker and Cloud Foundry logging – no user configuration necessary. Runtime logs are easily added.

In this session, Charlie and Ray will show an example logging from a Watson service. They'll also share details on their capabilities as well as how they deliver cloud scale logging built on the Elastic Stack.

Charlie Comiskey

Charlie is a Senior Offering Manager at IBM. He is currently Offering lead for Bluemix Log, Monitoring, and Access Trail services. He passionately brings these collective experiences together drawling on his background, including logging, analytics, and IT service management offerings.

Ray Harris

Ray Harris is a Software Engineer at IBM where he uses Elasticsearch to build the IBM Cloud Logging Service. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He's worked on advanced research projects at the Air Force Research Lab, taught computer science at the college level, and is a published author.