Customer Success @ Elastic: Elastic Stack + Salesforce =

Come and see the folks behind the Elastic curtain, and we'll show you how Elastic uses the Elastic Stack to enhance our internal technology stack.

A.J., Kristina, and Pius will discuss Elastic's Customer Success programs, showing you start to finish how they query and expose license data, how they use the Elastic Stack to enhance the Support Engineers’ experience in their support console, and how they bring all that information together in Salesforce to provide a predictive and holistic system for customer health.

A.J. Angus

A.J. Angus leads the CRM Engineering Team at Elastic. In this role, he uses technology and automation to make lives easier for internal teams at Elastic. Previously, A.J. served as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and worked at Google scaling sales and marketing systems in emerging businesses.

Kristina Frost

Kristina Frost is a manager on Elastic's Sales Ops team and the founder of the Women of Elastic group. Kristina holds a master's degree in music business from NYU and has gravitated over time from media into tech. Her experience is in strategy, CRM, product management, and architecture.

Pius Fung

Pius is one of the founding members of the Elastic Support team. Prior to Elastic, Pius was a support lead at Oracle and Rockwell Automation. Apart from helping customers, Pius enjoys developing CRM integration tools and finding bubble tea with the best balance of tea, milk, and sugar.