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From MSP to MSSP using Elastic

Hosted by

Kamyar Kojouri

Director of Security Operations

Eze Castle Integration


Eze Castle Integration is a managed service provider (MSP), cloud service provider (CSP), and internet service provider (ISP) that delivers services to more than 1,000 clients around the world. Different departments within Eze Castle have devised their own log aggregation solutions in order to provide visibility, meet regulatory compliance requirements, conduct cybersecurity investigations, and help engineers with troubleshooting infrastructure issues. In 2019, they partnered with Elastic to consolidate the data generated from different systems into a single pane of glass. And thanks to the ease of deployment on Elastic Cloud, professional consultation services from Elastic engineers, and on-demand training courses available on Elastic Learning, Eze Castle was able to go from proof-of-concept to a fully functioning "Eze Managed SIEM" product within a month!

Learn about Eze Castle's journey with Elastic and how they grew Eze Managed SIEM from zero to 100 customers In less than 14 months.

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