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Citadel Group drives global expansion, go-to-market strategy with Elastic Security and Observability

Faster scaling to expand customer base globally

Citadel’s legacy security and observability solutions had limited feature sets, and high ingest pricing prevented scaling. Citadel migrated to Elastic for its ease of use, constant innovation, rapid release cadence, and resource-based pricing.

Better alerting for a more secure product offering

Citadel customized security signals to create a baseline of normal system behavior and uncover anomalies using Elastic Security for SIEM, and leveraged out-of-the box rules and alerts tailored to threat severity to tackle extreme risks first.

Quicker search increases revenue sources

Citadel enjoys fast federated search queries across all clusters on Elastic Cloud Enterprise, making it possible to expand globally and meeting data sovereignty requirements wherever their customers are based.

Leveraging Elastic to build a managed services empire

It takes the right technology as well as C-level vision to become a global powerhouse in any industry. For Mark McConnell, the CEO and managing director for managed services company Citadel Group, expanding globally beyond their Australian home base is among his top priorities.

But the legacy platforms Citadel was using were hampering McConnell’s vision to deliver managed security and observability solutions to a wide range of clients that don’t have the IT resources or expertise to maintain these crucial services on their own.

So to get to where Citadel is today — and to where they want to go in the future — Citadel recently replaced their legacy logging solution with Elastic. Citadel, which is publicly traded in Australia, also now leverages Elastic Security and Elastic Observability in their managed services offerings — meaning Citadel’s customers have Elastic technology protecting and observing their IT infrastructure. In addition, Citadel also harnesses Elastic Security and Elastic Observability to secure and monitor Citadel's own enterprise as well.

The technology behind Citadel Group’s go-to-market strategy, and our drive to expand globally, significantly leverages Elastic’s observability and security solutions. Elastic Security is crucial for the SecOps team to function properly and fulfill its role of protecting Citadel and its customers from cyber threats. Elastic Observability capabilities are crucial for us to provide quality managed services to our customers.

– Mark McConnell, CEO and Managing Director, The Citadel Group

Gaining the upper hand with Elastic in a competitive marketplace

When mapping out their future, Citadel projected that its previous solution could not scale while keeping costs reasonable. The legacy solution did not meet the demands of a software and services company competing in a crowded and competitive marketplace globally, says Sean Lengyel, Head of Cyber Security at the Citadel Group.

Lengyel says he became acquainted with Elastic as a security professional in the Australian armed forces, and he knew Elastic would be the perfect fit for Citadel now and into the future.

With Elastic Cloud Enterprise, Citadel can stand up clusters on a variety of cloud providers across the globe. In addition, Citadel can take advantage of cross-cluster search (CCS), which makes it possible to perform federated search queries across multiple remote deployments. This gives engineers in Citadel’s home country of Australia the flexibility to set up and monitor their out-of-country customers’ deployments, while at the same time Citadel can meet the data sovereignty requirements imposed by customers and governments.

Elastic’s built-in role-based access control allows Citadel to specify access-level rights to the appropriate staff and customers. And Elastic’s cloud-agnostic design, Lengyel says, allows Citadel to run on AWS and Azure — Citadel’s cloud providers of choice.

The results from recently switching to Elastic have amounted to more customers globally, as well as an overall enhanced and secured product.

More reasons why Citadel chose Elastic:

  • They can easily leverage Elastic’s out-of-the-box alerting features and SIEM detection rules for more effective security triage 
  • Elastic’s solutions are built on a single stack that integrates easily with other platforms, and allows for the seamless ingestion of logs from most any data source
  • Elastic provides knowledgeable support and consulting
  • Elastic’s open source community shares advice and tips
  • Schema on write allows for quicker query speeds with Elastic

Citadel has confidence in Elastic to be a critical component of the technology stack for the solutions and services we are providing our customers to observe and protect their environments.

– Sean Lengyel, Head of Cyber Security, Citadel Group

Citadel’s plans on expanding their use of Elastic

Citadel, while relatively early on in their Elastic journey, plans new uses of Elastic, including:

Elastic has assisted us greatly in our ability to scale our cloud offerings in a secure and economic way globally. Elastic has also greatly assisted us in achieving our vision.

– Sean Lengyel, Head of Cyber Security, Citadel Group

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