Elastic Customer Success workbook

The Elastic Customer Success workbook is all about you — from collecting your requirements from your stakeholders to meeting your business needs and delighting your users.

Success planning

Establish and agree on mutual goals with the people that need to be involved to meet the KPIs important to your business.

Every project should start with a problem statement, discovery of the current state, identification of the stakeholders, and the list of goals across those stakeholders.

Download our guide to help you get started. This asset expands on these initial discovery questions and helps you work as a team to define your goals.


Technical success

Follow our best practices to design a solution that meets both the functional requirements and non-functional requirements (scalability, reliability, security, etc.) of your plan. After working through the success planning guide, apply your findings to your technical plan.

  • Use existing integrations

    Elastic provides integrations with many data sources and external notification systems.

  • Enhance your workflow

    Rather than changing your processes to fit a set of tools, enrich the information in Elastic to make your workflow more efficient.

  • Adopt best practices

    Plan your deployment with best practices around efficiency, security, and compliance from the start.

  • Map goals to requirements

    Your business and stakeholders have goals. Map those goals to requirements.

  • Schedule reviews and updates

    Your business and users will ask for more, so schedule regular reviews with stakeholders.


Learn what good looks like and drive ongoing success through best practices, developer enablement, and formal training and certification.

  • Administrators and users

    Keep up to date to drive user and administrator satisfaction. Build skills and get your teams certified.

  • Community

    Share your findings and connect with other users to increase knowledge and efficiency in your company.

Realized value

Defining and articulating your goals and how they are measured is the first step to realizing value. In the Elastic Customer Success workbook, value isn’t only associated with the bottom line. It’s also about the skills you acquire, the competencies your business develops, and the benefits seen by your stakeholders.

  • Review and act

    Our guide helps you reflect back on your initial requirements and goals to define the review frequency for each area. Communicating this back to your stakeholders at regular intervals will help you determine your path forward.

  • Report and evolve

    Realizing value isn't a one and done process. Revisiting your plan brings you back full circle so you can make adjustments and constantly evolve.

Learn from your peers

Find inspiration by seeing what other companies have accomplished and shared with us.

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  • Customer Spotlight

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