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Leveraging Elastic to improve data management and observability in the cloud

In two recent studies conducted by Nucleus Research, the companies that were studied saw great levels of satisfaction from deploying Elastic Cloud


Unifying data to accelerate growth in financial services

The acceleration of open banking initiatives has driven the need for broader access to data, visibility, and security of banking infrastructure. Learn how leading financial organizations are leveraging Elastic to unify data and serve every customer.


总体经济影响TM 研究:Elastic 将性能提升 10 倍且成本节省最高 75%

以极少成本将速度提高了十倍。这就是 Forrester 总体经济影响 (TEI) 研究所发现的组织通过部署 Elastic 可观测性和安全解决方案可以实现的价值。