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The Difference

Why choose the official Elasticsearch Service?

It's the only hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering available powered by the creators of Elasticsearch. Run it on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure and never wait for the latest versions or features. Plus, get powerful free features and Elastic support you won't find anywhere else. Learn how our official offering compares to the AWS Elasticsearch Service.



Scalable and speedy search, analytics, and storage.



Visualize your Elasticsearch data. Navigate the Elastic Stack.

Powerful features

Powerful features

Easily secure, alert, and monitor your Elasticsearch cluster.

Get deep insights with machine learning

Model behavior using Elasticsearch data to find unusual activity, infrastructure problems, and business trends that eyes on screens simply can’t catch. Machine learning on Elasticsearch Service is flexible in a wide range of use cases and datasets, allowing you to visualize results in real time.

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