Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for February 14th, 2020

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Weekly highlights


Last week with 7.6 release we published a Kibana Accessibility statement. The goal of accessibility statements is to communicate that we care about building accessible and inclusive UI for our tools. It is not a legal document (like VPATs that we use to articulate section 508 compliance) but it has become standard. You can read about our accessibility journey in the blog.


Starting in 7.6, the kibana_user role has been deprecated in favor of a properly named kibana_admin role; and the kibana_dashboard_only_user has been deprecated as privileges can be assigned to individual features using Kibana Privileges. We've been working on a PR to surface these deprecated roles to end-users starting in 7.7, and it should be merging shortly.


  • CSS & Sass support is available in Kibana Platform plugins via webpack imports.
  • Our validation library, @kbn/config-schema, now supports parsing arrays and objects from JSON strings. This enables automatic parsing of JSON structures in request query parameters as well as config values. (#57189)
  • Plugins can now access the absolute URL for an application to use with external services (eg. notifications sent to slack) (#57193)
  • The Kibana Platform Testing Guide is now complete. This guide has examples and tips on how to best test your plugin in unit, integration, and e2e tests.
  • We're hiring

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