Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Oct 15th, 2018


Roadmap themes updates


Work continues on granular application privileges. We’re working with design and product to finalize the design, and continuing to work on the best abstractions to allow the granular application privileges to be consumed.


For the past week, we have been focusing on translating Visualization, Dashboard, Canvas, improving the localization developer experience, and finalizing the i18n tools. We have scheduled kickoff meetings with Ingest team and plan to start the translation of Monitoring UI this Thursday.

Alerting service

Explored different design and implementation details. Analyzed existing or in progress services that could be used in the creation of an alerting system (i.e. task manager, notifications…). Summarized and reviewed feedback gathered from the engineering all hands.


This week’s we’ve been knee deep in Cloud testing. We’ve found a few issues, but we’re knocking them off pretty quick. That said, Cloud testing doesn’t generate screenshots, but you know what does…

Workpad Templates

We were shooting for GA on this one, but it should ship at least one release earlier than that, if not two. Check out this totally sweet one pager of the flight data sample setRead Only Mode


Read Only Mode

We needed read only mode for a couple reasons, not the least because we want to be able to show off Canvas on This also gave us a chance to switch the view mode feature we’ve always had to persist on the workpad, allowing users with write access the ability to turn off editing by default.


Safe server-side execution

The threading pull just needs one more lookover and it’s ready to go in. Canvas now maintains a single forked worker for CPU intensive server-side tasks. If a task takes too long, we kill the worker, fail the expression, and reboot the worker. This keeps potentially dicey expressions from impacting the performance of Kibana.

Auto-complete has been merged

This was the last feature we needed before FF and it made it in with time to spare. We even had time to slip in a handy toggle for turning it off


Those are the highlights. There’s more of course. We fixed a bunch of bugs and tuned up the way Canvas itself, and it’s plugins, load, so that it only starts up things like its socket when you’re actually inside of Canvas. There’s also a host of security (non-vulnerability) related fixes that went in, such as fixing how Canvas works with spaces. All in all, a solid week!

Cross-stack enablement: Rollup Support

We’re charging toward the finish line by wrapping up testing (thanks QA team and PM team) and code review (thanks Dev team). We’ve identified a pleasantly small number of blocking bugs which we are confident we can address in time for FF, and a number of UX improvements to address in a future release. We’ve also added telemetry support (#23668).

Team summaries


Last week we settled back into Sass conversion and started helping out teams as a lot of the major PRs started to land for 6.5. K7 conversion continues to chug along and 6.5 will be the first release where you’ll see some of the new layout creep its way in (master now has an option for the K7 header, and a new login screen just landed). We also finally got a PR going for screen-reader support in React-datepicker. Work on the new viz-builder continues as we’re prepping a demo for an upcoming Elasticon Tour. We’ve also started converting a lot of EUI over to Framer X, which allows us to use our React design library directly in graphic tooling similar to Sketch.


  • Use yarn to run 'test' sub-commands to allow propagating ctrl+c signal #1246
  • Update Installation readme section to reference yarn instead of npm #1245
  • Increase default font size of tabs in KUI theme #1244
  • Naming consistency in beat app icons #1243
  • Some fixes for framer and mojave #1238
  • Remove eui css import from beats/infra #24245
  • Update EUI to 4.5.1 #24218
  • Vis types LESS to SASS #23513
  • Proofreading edits, UI text consistency #24016
  • Fix toolbar (sidebar) height in Firefox #24011
  • Logstash SASS conversion - removes unused less styles #23759


With the addition of two great new team members we’re now able to broaden our focus. In addition to ongoing KPI efforts (rollups and ILM), we’re also supporting the Typescriptification initiative and improving index pattern support for indices on remote clusters.


  • Fixes index pattern wizard when there are remote clusters but no local indices (#24339)
  • refactor: Convert utils/collection to Typescript (#23992)
  • Fix CI for rollups branch (#24105)
  • adding path element for job_list to fix management breadcrumbs (#24144)
  • sorting types for metrics on job details panel (#24161)
  • adding ability to search by type to add terms flyout in rollup jobs (#24162)


  • Focused on applying the reviews for the client vendors dll PR
  • Created a watch optimizer cache for the babel-loader and dll caches


  • QA is testing patch releases 5.6.13 and 6.4.3
  • QA testing 6.5.0
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