Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for Oct 1st, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


Roadmap themes updates


Spaces has merged to master and 6.x/6.5! There are a few smaller enhancements and bug fixes in progress related to Spaces, and we’ll hopefully be wrapping these up this week.

We’ve been performing additional analysis and proofs of concept for the next phase of security, granular application privileges, and we’ll be breaking the epic down into stories and estimating them this week.

Canvas integration

We’re making progress. Get it? MAKING PROGRESS. Seriously though, the progress element was merged, which was a nice little surprise that we get to add for Beta. What else is on deck? Read on.

Read Only Mode

Canvas has always had an “edit” mode, but until now it wasn’t persisted. It was mostly a way to reduce noise on the page and keep you from accidentally moving stuff around. With this new mode, the setting is persisted on the workpad. Not only that, but if a user doesn’t have permission to modify a workpad, they won’t ever see the controls! It’s going to make for pretty awesome demos


Ad-hoc Grouping

We merged grouping! At least, the very first phase. The initial experience allows for multi-select, group move, rotate and delete. The next phase is resizing, and the pull is in.



Canvas doesn’t have much to translate directly in it’s components, so this work is moving along quickly. The pull is in, but needs review

The rest

We fixed some little UI bugs, largely around IE11, but we also got rolling on support for workpad templates, continued progress on moving the interpreter to core and we’re just about done moving the server functions out of bundles.

Cross-stack enablement: Rollup Support

It’s been a quieter week in rollup world, as we spent much of our time engaged in Management Team Planning Week. Nonetheless, we’ve made solid progress improving the user’s experience when consuming rollup data in Discover and Visualize and refining those edge cases where rollup data interacts with Kibana’s many features in unexpected ways (#23637). We’ve also added a telemetry collector for gathering stats on rollup-based index patterns, saved searches, and visualizations (#23668).

Here’s one of the rough edges we polished -- disabling the time field when viewing rollup index patterns in Discover, so that users can see the raw rollup documents:



Alex, Court and the team are working together to define the roadmap of Alerting service.

Platform testing coverage

Continued windows compatibility support for kibana tests.  Creating PRs and debugging failures.

Team summaries


Holy moly the K7 design is finally coming together. We have a perfect storm of PRs hitting Kibana: a new set of app icons from branding, the K7 header, the redesigned login, and the KQL query bar rectification. When all of those hit the K7 design will be in really good shape. Below is showing an in browser screenshot of this stuff all together.



  • Force popover contents to stay in the same position side once open #1199
  • Adds colorPalette service #1209
  • FlexGrid now accepts columns={1} #1210
  • Use pointer cursor when a EuiTable row is clickable. #1213
  • Add lockOpoen icon #1215
  • [Guidelines] Updated writing guidelines #1220
  • Disable pointer-events on all disabled descendents of tooltips #1222
  • Allow devserver to be served from any host #1223
  • Replace app icons with new, lighter set #1225


We had a productive Planning Week, allowing us scope out our upcoming projects and put together a realistic roadmap for 6.6 and a tentative one for 6.7 (kibana-team#7).


  • kibana feature/x-pack/management/beats 23417 [Beats CM] Add password input and re-enable output config schema
  • kibana master 22902 [Logstash Management] Euify pipeline


Fixed some bugs, we are getting more closer to a green CI for the client vendors webpack dll.


  • kibana master 23579 Fix plugin generator when using hacks and SCSS
  • kibana master 23617 Handle different junit XML formats in jenkins:report
  • kibana master 23404 Normalize path for comparison on Windows



  • kibana master 23436 Correctly pass `timestamp` from the core to the legacy Kibana. Do not try to stop legacy Hapi server if it does not exist. Fixes #23419
  • kibana master 23470 Upgrade eslint/tslint/prettier plugin versions.
  • kibana master 23556 Add Vanilla JS example to kbn-i18n README
  • kibana master 23187 Translate metric_vis


QA continues to test the new features of 6.x

KibanaApp (Visualizations, Sharing, Discover)

Good EUI progress - Query bar is in review, reporting listing page and dashboard EUI panels both merged.  Fixed a long standing reporting bug that was started to get on our clients nerves. KQL telemetry PR is also in review.


  • Remove deprecation notice from ascending sort for terms (#23421) Fixes #23409
  • Migrate report listing management to react and EUI (#22928)
  • Fix error with reporting urls generated prior to 6.2 (when there was no layout parameter)(#23508)
  • More Kibana plugin LESS 2 SASS (#23413)
  • Migrate report listing management to react and EUI (#22928)
  • Translate metric_vis (#23187)
  • Add SearchError to courier (#23382)
  • Remove last mentions of spy panels (#23527)
  • Remove deprecation notice from ascending sort for terms (#23421)
  • display hits and total hits for courier inspector requests (#23434)
  • Fixes relative timezone bug #18133 for Chromium reports (#23652)
  • Expanded reporting test readme, including instructions for updating baseline snapshots. (#23507)


Made lots of progress this week on the GIS App.

  • Started working on saved object mappings for storing map state.
  • Dark theme support.
  • Ability to set layer zoom levels so layers can fade in and out at predefined levels. For example, show a heatmap when viewing low zoom levels and then show documents when zoomed into a higher level.
  • Configurable vector layer tooltips showing document fields for layers populated by elasticsearch hits.
  • Refactored elasticsearch geohash layer to use Kibana’s AggConfigs and SearchSource wrappers around Elasticsearch API so elasticsearch requests are visible in inspector
  • blog-keeping-up-with-kibana-2018-10-01-5.gif



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