Free online Elastic Stack and Elasticsearch training: Anytime, anywhere, on-demand

We are offering a variety of on-demand Elastic training courses for free — featuring 11 titles that span observability, security, and Elastic Stack administration. If you haven’t tried one of our self-paced courses yet, now is the perfect time to find out why so many people have shifted their learning preference from in-class to online.

Our on-demand courses provide the same immersive learning experience found in the classroom, but delivered in a convenient, remote environment. These self-paced courses include expertly designed materials, engaging demos, hands-on lab exercises, and access to Elastic experts to help you build and retain new skills. And they’re all available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Not sure if on-demand learning is right for you? Check out this video to see how it works:

We currently offer 40+ courses on-demand — ranging from foundational (Observability Fundamentals) to advanced (Anomaly Detection for Cybersecurity). No matter where you’re at in your Elastic journey, we have an on-demand offering to meet your specific needs.

Experience the benefits of our on-demand courses for free. Take a look at the list of available free courses, and then take as many as you’d like. And if you decide you want access to all of our on-demand courses, sign up for an Elastic Training Subscription for access to our full online course load (virtual classroom and on-demand), as well as other exclusive subscriber benefits.

With busy schedules, remote workforces — and the occasional government-mandated physical distancing protocol — on-demand training is a great way to hone your Elastic skills anytime and anywhere.