15 New Sessions Added to Elastic{ON}17

Editor's Note (August 3, 2021): This post uses deprecated features. Please reference the map custom regions with reverse geocoding documentation for current instructions.

As the countdown to Elastic{ON}17 marches on, the agenda continues to come together.

This week, we’re happy to announce we’ve added 15 new sessions. While we’re equally excited about all of them, we wanted to highlight a few below.

Strengthening Your SIEM

With the release of Logstash 5.1, you can easily connect any device that supports the CEF data format as a codec to the Elastic Stack – which is good news for those of you using a SIEM product. At Elastic{ON}17, we’ll have a talk that provides a step-by-step guide of how to extend and complement one particular SIEM, ArcSight, to the Elastic Stack to add real-time insights and scale to your security efforts.

Speaking of Security: Barclays 

Barclays will share insights into how they approach security at Elastic{ON}17. Elena Kvochko, the CIO of the Group Security Function at Barclays, will discuss the evolution of Barclays’ security initiatives, which includes utilizing Elasticsearch in key data analytics initiatives to enable cyber security and cyber defense. 

What’s up, Doc{ker}?

If you’re using Docker, with or without the Elastic Stack, we have a session for you at Elastic{ON}17. Dimitrios and Toby from the Elastic infrastructure team will cover how to run the Elastic Stack in container environments, whether on a laptop or across a fleet, and Andrew from the Elastic Beats team will show how to monitor Docker containers with Metricbeat using cgroups and/or the Docker API.

Using Rally to Get Your Cluster Size Right

Rally is our homegrown benchmarking tool for Elasticsearch. At Elastic{ON}17, we will show how to use, extend, and configure Rally when running benchmarks to help with cluster sizing, performance tuning, and capacity planning.

How to Use Alerting to Monitor Your Cluster

With the introduction of X-Pack, monitoring and alerting features have extended beyond Elasticsearch to the rest of the Elastic Stack. This talk will go over how to set up alerts on monitoring data to get notified on events that can impact overall health and performance of your Elastic Stack deployment.

Stay tuned for more agenda updates next week, but for now, make sure you register before February 1st to get a $200 discount on your ticket!