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Welcome to the Elastic Advent Calendar, 2020! A look at Week Two

What a great week it's been! Just under halfway, with 14 posts down and 11 more to go in our 2020 Advent series, you can follow along with the rest of the series by subscribing to our Advent category on Discuss, or watching our @elastic account on Twitter, and of course these recap blog posts (in case you missed it, check out our the Elastic Advent 2020 Week One recap).

From Rank features for e-commerce search, to Elasticsearch Rust client, Top 12 new features in Maps, free trainings, using joins to map your infrastructure, signed search keys in App Search, becoming an Elastic Certified Engineer, this week is packed full of interesting topics.

Without further delay, here's Week 2 in review

Dec 8 [russian/english]Rank features для поиска в e-commerce | Rank features for e-commerce search, by Mayya Sharipova

Modern e-commerce search is expected to be fast, relevant and provide an opportunity for promoting certain results. This article demonstrates how rank_feature and rank_features types of elasticsearch can help in this goal. We will use an example of a commercial search engine for a shoes shop.

Dec 9 [english]Don't let your Christmas tree Rust in a corner, by Sylvain Wallez

Christmas trees are part of what makes this time of the year so unique and brings sparkles in the eyes of children and adults alike. But what do you do with the tree once the party’s over? The best is to make sure it’s recycled and used as compost or firewood. Now how do you find where to dispose of your tree so that it will be correctly taken care of?

I live in Toulouse in the south of France, and the local authorities have not only set up a lot of collection places, but also published their location as open data. It’s even listed on European open data. There’s a treasure trove of information there!

Let’s use this information to build a nice map in Kibana, and use the Rust client for Elasticsearch for that? Why Rust? Because it’s a great language that is growing in popularity, and this is an opportunity to experiment!

Dec 10 [spanish/english] — Las 12 mejores características de Mapas desde GA | Top 12 new features in Maps since GA, by Nathan Reese

Maps was released as generally available (GA) in Kibana 7.3. Reaching production-ready is not the final destination, but just another stop on a long journey. Each Kibana point release includes so many incredible features that it’s hard to keep up with them all. So, as 2020 comes to an end, let's look back and revisit some of the most impactful features since going to GA.

Dec 11 [english]This holiday season, learn new Elastic skills, by Pablo Musa

Elastic has a lot of different products across multiple solutions. We make it as easy as possible for our users to benefit from our solutions, but it is still hard to master so many topics. To address that, Elastic invests a lot in creating the best possible content. And even though we create them in many formats, such as docs, blogs, webinars, ElasticON presentations, and training, it can still be daunting to learn so many different concepts. In this blog we will help you make the most of your holiday season by learning new skills.

Dec 12 [spanish/english] — Tu infraestructura en un mapa | Mapping your infrastructure, by Thomas Neirynck

This post shows how you can use the Elastic Stack to map IoT, Security or Observability data. The data that is collected in these use-cases often do not explicitly contain a latitude or longitude. It is still possible to map this data in Kibana by using a “Term Join”.

Dec 13 [english]Making it personal: Tailoring content with signed search keys in App Search, by Orhan Toy

Signed search keys in Elastic App Search give you more control of a user's search experience. You can tailor the experience to show results you know are more relevant to the specific user while also letting you control what data the user can see and search over.

Dec 14 [chinese]如何成为一名 Elastic 认证工程师, by Xiaoguo Liu

对 Elastic 认证的类别,培训及认证流程做了详细的介绍。针对中国地区的工程师如何应对 Elastic 认证做了详细的描述。

More to Come

It’s a great collection of content packed into some mighty small space, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the posts. Happy reading!