On-demand webinar

I Am Community and So Can You

Hosted by:

Mark Walkom

Michelle Carroll

Elyssa Emrich


The Elastic community is growing every day, and in 2017, we zoomed well past 120K members across GitHub, Meetups, forums and more. If you've ever wanted to do any of the following, this is the session for you:

  • Contribute to Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, or Beats
  • Use the Elastic Stack to track community metrics
  • Speak at a conference or user group about the Elastic Stack
  • Level up your community involvement in any other way

Members of the Elastic Developer Relations team will walk through current metrics around the Elastic community, resources we provide to support your endeavors in open source, and our future plans and goals.

You'll leave this talk with a stronger understanding of the Elastic community, a ton of tips on how to increase your involvement in open source, and a clear view on how these activities can help your skills, projects, career, and friendships in tech.

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