The Elastic Stack

Elastic Demo Gallery

Little examples designed to let you explore various facets of the Elastic Stack, from Kibana dashboards and Canvas workpads to Elasticsearch SQL snippets and machine learning jobs. Because trying is better than seeing.

  • Kibana Dashboards

    Dive into the world of Kibana charts and graphs with sample datasets.

  • Canvas Workpads

    Create dynamic, pixel-perfect displays for screens large and small.

  • Elastic APM

    See how Elastic APM lets you track application health metrics and more.

  • Beats Modules

    Get the 5-minute data-to-dashboard path for common data formats.

  • Machine Learning

    Explore anomaly detection with prebuilt machine learning jobs.

  • Elasticsearch SQL

    Query Elasticsearch data using the familiar SQL syntax.

  • Infrastructure

    Track metrics and logs from servers, containers, and services.

  • Maps

    Navigate the world of location data with Elastic Maps.