Unify visibility across AWS and on-premises environments

Easily monitor and optimize your AWS environment with Elastic, as you move to the cloud. Elastic's ready-to-use AWS integrations and dashboards enable real-time insights and action around your AWS deployments and unified visibility across your environment.

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Unlock the full value of AWS

With Elastic, you can seamlessly extend your observability capabilities across your entire AWS and on-premises environments.

  • The Elastic Observability Guide for AWS

    Download this detailed overview for how to configure Elastic Observability, with different AWS services, to monitor the health and performance of your environment.

  • Elastic Observability for AWS Cheatsheet

    Check out this AWS integrations cheatsheet for four common observability use cases using the Elastic Search Platform.

  • Migrating to Elastic Cloud

    Migrate to the official managed Elasticsearch offering on AWS with exclusive features and expert support.

Zack Shachar, Engineering Manager, Smarter City Solutions

"In the two months since (our Elastic) implementation, active monitoring of our platform has reduced preventable outages and latency, and reduced time to resolution of performance issues detected in the field by 50%."

Zack ShacharEngineering Manager, Smarter City Solutions

Elastic Cloud customers

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  • Customer Spotlight

    After switching to Elastic Cloud from FAST ESP, Guidestar by Candid went from managing their clusters on a daily basis to checking cluster health once a month.

  • Customer Spotlight

    By standardizing on Elasticsearch, InfoTrack has increased search speed, relevance and data volume in the context of IT system log data used by IT operations.

  • Customer Spotlight

    With Elastic Cloud on AWS, Smarter City Solutions was able to ensure visibility across their application stack and deliver a predictable experience to their customers.

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Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic to teams of all types.

  • AWS Partner Page

    Discover the flexible deployment and subscription options of Elastic Cloud on AWS.

  • Elastic Observability

    Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces in a single stack.