Articles By Craig Chamberlain


46 days vs. 16 minutes: Detecting emerging threats and reducing dwell time with machine learning

Using ML-based anomaly detection, such as the unsupervised ML jobs in the Elastic stack, we can shrink the dwell time for this malware persistence mechanism from 46 days to less than one day, a decrease by a factor of 1100!


Identifying beaconing malware using Elastic

In this blog, we walk users through identifying beaconing malware in their environment using our beaconing identification framework.


为 DGA 检测整合监督式和非监督式 Machine Learning

在本博文中,我们正式推出首版监督式 ML 和安全集成方案。这会为用户提供监督式 ML 解决方案包,以检测网络数据中的域名生成算法 (DGA) 活动。