Devon Kerr

Now available: The LLM safety assessment

Check out the newest report from Elastic Security Labs, which explores how you can protect your organization from LLM threats.

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Now available: The LLM safety assessment

Today Elastic Security Labs publishes our LLM safety assessment report, a research endeavor meant to collect and clarify information about practical threats to large language models. These forms of generative AI are likely to become ubiquitous in the near future-- but we need to consider the security of them a little sooner than that.

One of the most immediate and significant challenges-- and this is true of every new data source-- is understanding the properties and characteristics of the data, if it exists. You can read more about that process in this excellent pair of articles, which speak to a challenge many detection engineers are facing today.

New data sources are problematic in a unique way: with no visibility to rank malicious techniques by popularity, how does a detection engineer determine the most effective detections? Mapping fields and normalizing a data source is a good initial step that makes it possible to begin investigating; it's exciting to be a little closer to the answer today than we were yesterday.

Check out the new report, browse our prior research on this topic, and join us in preparing for tomorrow.