Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack Features

From enterprise-grade security and developer-friendly APIs to machine learning, and graph analytics, the Elastic Stack ships with features (formerly packaged as X-Pack) made and maintained by us to be enjoyed by you.


Protect your Elasticsearch data in a robust and granular way.


Get notifications about changes in your data.


Maintain a pulse on your Elastic Stack to keep it firing on all cylinders.


Create and share reports of your Kibana charts and dashboards.


Explore meaningful relationships in your data.

Machine Learning

Automate anomaly detection on your Elasticsearch data.

Elasticsearch SQL

Query Elasticsearch using the SQL syntax.

How to Put the Elastic Stack to Work

Have metrics? Infrastructure logs? Security events? Documents with tons of text? Put all the features of Elastic to work for you.

앱 검색

문서, 위치정보 및 그 이상의 검색.

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보안 분석

빠르고 확장 가능한 상호 교환형 정보 수색.

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CPU, 메모리 및 그 외의 다양한 수치 분석.

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사이트 검색

손쉽게 만들고 추가하는 사이트 검색의 경험.

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애플리케이션 성능에 대한 통찰력 강화.

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