Getting Startededit

You’re new to Kibana and want to give it a try. Kibana has sample data sets and tutorials to help you get started.

Sample dataedit

You can use the sample data sets to take Kibana for a test ride without having to go through the process of loading data yourself. With one click, you can install a sample data set and start interacting with Kibana visualizations in seconds. You can access the sample data from the Kibana home page.

Add data tutorialsedit

Kibana has built-in Add Data tutorials to help you set up data flows in the Elastic Stack. These tutorials are available from the Kibana home page. In Add Data to Kibana, find the data type you’re interested in, and click its button to view a list of available tutorials.

Hands-on experienceedit

The following tutorials walk you through searching, analyzing, and visualizing data.

Before you beginedit

Make sure you’ve installed Kibana and established a connection to Elasticsearch.

If you are running our hosted Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, you can access Kibana with a single click.