Application Performance Monitoring with Elasticsearch

Elastic APM introduces a new developer-focused UI to drill into performance issues. Spend less time in the develop-test-deploy loop, and be able to ship code changes with confidence.

APM agents automatically ships application performance metrics to Elasticsearch for visualization in Kibana with pre-configured dashboards and a dedicated Kibana UI to easily pinpoint and debug performance bottlenecks and errors in your code.

Join creators Ron Cohen and Rasmus Makwarth for an overview and live demo of Elastic APM.

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Ron Cohen

Ron co-founded Opbeat which was acquired by Elastic and became Elastic APM. Prior to co-founding Opbeat, Ron attempted at founding several ill-fated tech startups, with everything from workout partner matching to power saving software for datacenters.

Rasmus Makwarth

Rasmus is the product manager for APM. Prior to Elastic, he co-founded Opbeat, an APM SaaS vendor which joined forces with Elastic in May 2017. Rasmus has 10 years of experience working with application monitoring, product management, and user experience.