Sneak Peek: Elastic’s 2022 Global Threat Report


The Elastic Security Labs team is passionate about securing the world’s data from attack, and strives to raise the bar within the security industry. To this end, Elastic Security Labs has compiled the 2022 Global Threat Report to share trends and tactics adversaries and attack groups use, as observed by our threat research team and broader user community over the past year.

Let’s dig into a few of the endpoint related findings: 

  1. 72% of all defense evasion techniques consisted of masquerading and system binary proxy execution 

  2. ~77% of all credential access techniques are attributed to OS credential dumping with commonly known utilities

Here’s a chart on how the endpoint techniques breakdown across our data set.

This was just a preview of the research coming your way. We have lots of findings and recommendations coming your way soon. Stay tuned to Elastic Security Labs for the 2022 Elastic Global Threat Report.

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