The Quick Starter Stack for Robotics, IoT, and Big Data

OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath™ Inc., designs, manufactures, and operates self-driving vehicles with the ultimate goal of making factory and warehouse environments, safe, efficient, and agile. OTTO Motors has been using the Elastic Stack to ramp up and deliver their technology to customers for the past year at scale — fast discovery and action on results!

In this presentation, the OTTO Motors team shares their tips, tricks, and lessons learned along the way as well as some of the real-world benefits they’ve seen using Elastic to power their global Internet of Things (IoT) starter stack. Learn why they call Logstash the best-kept secret in rapid turnkey, edge-computing data collection. See how Elastic transformed labor intensive workflows into real-time insights, and how HAProxy, RunDeck, Curator and many other tools all became best friends, keeping things secure and easily manageable.

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Greg Jacobs

Engineering Manager, OTTO Motors

Greg Jacobs leads the Engineering Infrastructure team at Otto Motors. Based out of Kitchener, Canada.

The Infrastructure team is responsible for the engineering compute systems at Otto Motors. Related efforts include telemetry, analytics, software build, simulation and software update systems all tied to a growing fleet of customer sites around the world. He has held prior positions at BlackBerry, Brock Solutions, and various other companies spanning industrial automation, robotics, enterprise computing, wireless communications, and telecommunication industries and sectors spanning over 2 decades. Greg and his team continue to explore new initiatives focusing on IoT, Edge computing, and Cloud Analytics as demands and needs grow for both Otto Motors and its customers.

Anthony Tod

VP of Engineering, OTTO Motors

With 25 years of experience in software and hardware development, in Europe and North America, including mobile telecom products that ran into the 100's of millions in field. Applying understanding of how to build sustainable product development, and scale-able, maintainable product in market, for highly complex, leading edge autonomous robotic systems. For any new product category, the maturity curve is critical, for the problems we can foresee and plan directly, and also for all those that have never been confronted before. Investing in a vision for the long term that must return results in the immediate, with ever increasing sources of data, we need to be able to take strategic and tactical decisions from an informed position. Elastic is a corner stone of the strategy to keep those costs of operation close to zero and provide insight to the issues as yet un-imagined.