Dropbox connector

Ingest all of your Dropbox files into Workplace Search.

The Dropbox Connector requires that you create an OAuth App within Dropbox.


Login to Dropbox’s app developer portal: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps.

Click the Create app button:

Figure 29. Connecting Dropbox

You’ll need to define the type of app.

Select the Dropbox API with Full Dropbox access, then provide a name:

Figure 30. Connecting Dropbox

Now that we’ve created a new app, there are two important things to understand…

  1. The app can stay in developer mode. You do not need to publish it.
  2. Make sure that you create this app with a trusted and stable Dropbox account!

We recommend creating a team-owned account for only this app. If access is lost, we cannot help.

Back to the fun ~ we’re ready to finish up and reveal the secrets.

Enter two callback URLs, clicking Add for each:

  1. http://localhost:3002/ws/org/sources/dropbox/create
  2. http://localhost:3002/ws/sources/dropbox/create

You can also reveal your App key and App secret now.

Keep them secret!

Figure 31. Connecting Dropbox

You can also add a logo to help you identify which app is for Workplace Search.

After that, the application is complete. Great!

For the final step, you must return back to Workplace Search.

Fll in the App Key and App secret as the Client ID and Client Secret within Workplace Search.

Congratulations! It’s time to search.

You can now make the source available to various groups and scale its relevance priority.