Es_bulk codec pluginedit

  • Plugin version: v3.1.0
  • Released on: 2021-08-19
  • Changelog

For other versions, see the Versioned plugin docs.

Getting Helpedit

For questions about the plugin, open a topic in the Discuss forums. For bugs or feature requests, open an issue in Github. For the list of Elastic supported plugins, please consult the Elastic Support Matrix.


This codec will decode the Elasticsearch bulk format into individual events, plus metadata into the @metadata field.

Encoding is not supported at this time as the Elasticsearch output submits Logstash events in bulk format.

Codec settings in the logstash-input-http pluginedit

The input-http plugin has two configuration options for codecs: codec and additional_codecs.

Values in additional_codecs are prioritized over those specified in the codec option. That is, the default codec is applied only if no codec for the request’s content-type is found in the additional_codecs setting.

Event Metadata and the Elastic Common Schema (ECS)edit

When ECS compatibility is disabled, the metadata is stored in the [@metadata] field. When ECS is enabled, the metadata is stored in the [@metadata][codec][es_bulk] field.

ES Bulk Codec Configuration Optionsedit

Setting Input type Required








  • Value type is string
  • Supported values are:

    • disabled: unstructured metadata added at @metadata
    • v1: uses [@metadata][codec][es_bulk] fields

Controls this plugin’s compatibility with the Elastic Common Schema (ECS).


  • Value type is string
  • There is no default value for this setting.

Define the target field for placing the values. If this setting is not set, the data will be stored at the root (top level) of the event.

For example, if you want data to be put under the document field:

input {
  kafka {
    codec => es_bulk {
        target => "[document]"