Grid aggregationedit

Grid aggregation layers use GeoTile grid aggregation to group your documents into grids. You can calculate metrics for each gridded cell.

Symbolize grid aggregation metrics as:

Creates a vector layer with a cluster symbol for each gridded cell. The cluster location is the weighted centroid for all geo-points in the gridded cell.
Grid rectangles
Creates a vector layer with a bounding box polygon for each gridded cell.
Heat map
Creates a heat map layer that clusters the weighted centroids for each gridded cell.

To enable a grid aggregation layer:

  1. Click Add layer, then select the Clusters and grids or Heat map layer.

To enable a blended layer that dynamically shows clusters or documents:

  1. Click Add layer, then select the Documents layer.
  2. Configure Index pattern and the Geospatial field. To enable clustering, the Geospatial field must be set to a field mapped as geo_point.
  3. In Scaling, select Show clusters when results exceed 10000.