Vector layer

Vector layers display points, lines, and polygons.

vector layer

To add a vector layer to your map, click Add layer, then select one of the following layers:

Clusters and grids
Geospatial data grouped in grids with metrics for each gridded cell. The index must contain at least one field mapped as geo_point.
Configured GeoJSON
Vector data from hosted GeoJSON configured in kibana.yml. See map.regionmap.* in Configure Kibana for details.
Vector data from a Kibana index pattern. The index must contain at least one field mapped as geo_point or geo_shape.

Document results are limited to the index.max_result_window index setting, which defaults to 10000. Use aggregations to plot large data sets.

EMS Boundaries
Administrative boundaries from Elastic Maps Service.
Point to point
Aggregated data paths between the source and destination. The index must contain at least 2 fields mapped as geo_point, source and destination.
Upload Geojson
Index GeoJSON data in Elasticsearch.