Create a workpadedit

A Canvas workpad provides you with a workspace where you can build presentations of your live data.

To create a workpad, choose one of the following options:

Start with a blank workpadedit

To use the background colors, images, and data of your choice, start with a blank workpad.

  1. Open the menu, then go to Canvas.
  2. On the Canvas workpads view, click Create workpad.
  3. Add a Name to your workpad.
  4. In the Width and Height fields, specify the size.
  5. Select the layout.

    For example, click 720p for a traditional presentation layout.

  6. Click the Background color picker, then select the background color for your workpad.

    Canvas color picker

Create a workpad from a templateedit

If you’re unsure about where to start, you can use one of the preconfigured templates that come with Canvas.

  1. Open the menu, then go to Canvas.
  2. On the Canvas workpads view, select Templates.
  3. Click the preconfigured template that you want to use.
  4. Add your own Name to the workpad.

Import an existing workpadedit

When you want to use a workpad that someone else has already started, import the JSON file into Canvas.

  1. Open the menu, then go to Canvas.
  2. On the Canvas workpads view, click and drag the file to the Import workpad JSON file field.

Use a sample data workpadedit

Each of the sample data sets comes with a Canvas workpad that you can use for your own workpad inspiration.

  1. Add a sample data set.
  2. On the Add Data page, click View data, then select Canvas.

Apply a set of styles to the entire workpadedit

To make your workpad look exactly the way you want, use the editor to apply CSS overrides.

  1. Expand Global CSS overrides.
  2. Enter the CSS.

    For example, to change the background on every page, enter:

    .canvasPage {
    background-color: #3990e6;
  3. Click Apply stylesheet.

Change the auto-refresh intervaledit

Change how often the data refreshes on your workpad.

  1. Click View > Auto refresh settings.
  2. Select the interval you want to use, or Set a custom interval.

    Element data refresh interval

    To manually refresh the data, click canvas refresh data.

Use the zoom optionsedit

To get a closer look at a portion of your workpad, use the zoom options.

  1. Click View > Zoom.
  2. Select the zoom option.

    Zoom controls

Add pagesedit

Organize your ideas onto separate pages by adding more pages.

  1. Click Page 1, then click +.
  2. On the Page editor panel, select the page transition from the Transition dropdown.

    Add pages