Kibana Dashboard Only Modeedit

X-Pack gives the ability for admins to limit what certain users see when they log in to Kibana with a reserved kibana_dashboard_only_user role.

When you assign a user this role, the next time they sign in to Kibana they will only be able to see the Dashboard app, and no editing tools will be available.

View Only Dashboard Listing Page

View Only Dashboard

If a user is also assigned the reserved superuser role, they will be able to see all of Kibana and have full access.

The kibana_dashboard_only_user role comes preconfigured with read only permissions on the .kibana index.

If you assign a user the kibana_dashboard_only_user role, along with a role with write permissions on the .kibana index, they will have write access, even though the controls will remain hidden in the kibana UI.

For advanced set ups that use a custom Kibana index, advanced configurations are possible.