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Moving beyond APM: Shift left with synthetic monitoring to ensure great customer experiences

Hosted by:

Drew Post

Drew Post

Principal Product Manager, Observability


Justin Kambic

Justin Kambic

Senior Software Development Engineer


Simon  Hearne

Simon Hearne

Senior Solutions Architect



How do you know what's working (or not) with your customer experiences? Start with an end user's view.

Synthetic monitoring can help.

It complements your APM and traces to elevate your monitoring capabilities. By adopting consistent testing from development to production, developers and SREs can work together to make digital customer experiences seamless at every touchpoint.

Discover Elastic Observability's synthetic monitoring solution, designed for easy integration with GitOps management and SRE-focused workflows. Synthetic monitoring built on top of the proven Elasticsearch Platform allows you to monitor real-time application performance and quickly and easily troubleshoot issues, including visibility into third-party services and dependencies.

Let's transform your applications' performance together.


  • The case for shifting left with your synthetic monitoring
  • Introduction to Playwright and deploying production-ready test scripts through Git
  • Demonstration of our synthetic monitoring solution and use cases
  • The future of synthetic monitoring: SLOs, SLAs, continuous testing, and more

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