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What’s new in Elastic 8.3 (Cantonese)

Hosted by:

Elena Lee
Elena Lee

Solutions Architect



In this virtual event, we will walk through the exciting new capabilities and feature updates in Elastic 8.3 that enables your organization to search, observe, and protect everything, across any environment.

Whether it’s connecting people and teams with content that matters, keeping mission-critical applications and infrastructure performing, or protecting your digital ecosystem from cyber threats, Elastic 8.3 is available now to help organizations reach new levels of success.


  • Elastic Enterprise Search
    • Enable end users to more easily find exactly what they’re looking for with PDF support for web crawls
    • Ingest and search across any dataset or data type with Elastic’s new custom connector framework
  • Elastic Observability
    • Simplify and streamline visibility for cloud, SaaS, and big data with new one-click integrations for Elastic Observability
  • Elastic Security
    • Secure cloud environments and protect cloud workloads with Elastic Security for Cloud
  • Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud
    • Search snapshots as simple archives (without breaking a sweat) now in 8.3
    • Set yourself up for troubleshooting success with alerting in Discover, an easy button to turn visualizations into ML jobs, and user-friendly dashboard filters
    • Optimize performance and cost in Elastic Cloud with hardware template migrations
    • CCR / CCS across Elastic Cloud, Self-Managed, ECE & ECK to enable true hybrid cloud setup

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