Big Data in Mixed Reality (MxR)

Stormfish uses the Elastic Stack to support the development of a number of MxR environments using big data, including several for the Army Research Lab. Their cutting-edge research and development team attempts to analyze, understand, and contextualize insights from big data in real time to aid decision-making in rapidly evolving, fast-paced environments.

Hear how they use the Elastic Stack to ingest data from disparate sources, run real-time analytics, and export the insights to an operational MxR environment. See a demo of an example MxR analytic environment with a simulated game environment showcasing the safe navigation of forces and the identification of priority targets in dense, urban terrains. Plus, hear about about lessons learned and get insights on where use cases for analytic MxR environments might go next.

Download presentation slides.

Dr. Sherry Forbes

Chief Scientist and VP of R&D, Stormfish

Dr. Sherry Forbes is Chief Scientist and VP of R&D at Stormfish Scientific. She is an expert in large-scale computational modelling, high-performance computing, econometrics and numerical methods; and some of her most recent research and development efforts include projects for DARPA and the Army Research Lab. She holds a PhD from the University of Virginia, an MA from the University of Chicago, an MPhil from the University of Oxford, and a BA from Sweet Briar College.