On-demand webinar

Elasticsearch for .NET Developers: A Whirlwind Dive into the Strongly-Typed Client for .NET

Hosted by:

Martijn Laarman

Principal Software Engineer


Greg Marzouka


Elasticsearch for .NET Developers: A whirlwind dive into the strongly-typed client for .NET Elasticsearch offers a simple REST interface that exposes JSON, so a .NET developer might be tempted to simply use HttpClient and Json.NET to talk with Elasticsearch.

In this talk we'll showcase some of the features that outline how NEST plays to C# strengths and helps you write terser code, all just one line of code away: new ElasticClient(). A few of the topics that we'll cover:

  • - Strongly-typed requests and responses
  • - Inference
  • - Query DSL
  • - Aggregations- Covariant result sets
  • - Connection pooling and failover

Attendees will leave this talk knowing how to fully tame Elasticsearch from .NET

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