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Reporting and Alerting - Overview and Demo

Hosted by:

Joe Fleming
Joe Fleming

Kibana Team


Tanya Bragin
Tanya Bragin

VP Product Management, Observability



Update: We've added reporting and alerting into Elastic Cloud, our hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana service. Take a 14-day free trial for a spin.

Reporting lets you quickly generate a PDF report of any saved Kibana visualization. Get a report on demand, schedule it for later, or trigger one based on specified conditions.

Keep the report for yourself or automatically share it with others via email — sharing is caring, after all. Reporting for Kibana scales to thousands of users and travels well, letting you take a piece of Kibana anywhere you like.

Check out the overview of this new Kibana feature and demo.

  • Install reporting via a Kibana plugin
  • Manually run reports on visualizations and dashboards
  • View and manage report history
  • Generate automated reports with Watcher

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