Elastic on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure

IT Operations & Security Analytics at Scale

To manage increasing volumes and varieties of data it needs a fast and performant data analytics platform. Cisco and Elastic deliver a powerful, scalable, programmable offering. Read the solution overview.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Elastic

Big Data technology has become a valuable and compelling asset for organizations of all sizes. Harnessing the value of Big Data Analytics in real time from a stable, manageable, and scalable infrastructure has been a longstanding challenge. The Elastic Stack on Cisco UCS solution meets this challenge by delivering a real-time data analytics and search platform that can be rapidly deployed and scaled on demand and is easy to use.

Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS: Highlights of the joint solution

Data growth

Organizations today are overwhelmed with data. This data arrives in multiple formats and includes many associated documents, and its huge volume dictates a need for a high-performance analytics platform. Organizations must manage increasing data volume and variety and the need for ever quicker responsiveness to new data with the continuously increasing complexity of the IT infrastructure.

Hardware and software

Organizations also are challenged by the need to deploy a fast, reliable, and scalable hardware and powerful and flexible software platform to store and gain actionable insight from large volumes of data. Systems must provide the facility to mine data for valuable information that could augment the business and help make important decisions. The technology used must be able to correlate data and documents from multiple sources to get a full understanding of the health of digital infrastructure and applications.

Elastic Stack

The Elastic Stack (previously known as the ELK Stack) is a combination of powerful, open source software products for logging, storage, search, data visualization, and monitoring. Although each product can be used separately, together they make a powerful, comprehensive, flexible, and programmable IT operational analytics platform that addresses a variety of use cases, and puts an organization's data into action.

Elasticsearch on Cisco UCS: Configurations

High-performance configuration

Based on UCS C220 M5 Rack Servers, this configuration is suitable for deployments with short retention periods requiring fast access to all of the data.

Performance- and capacity-balanced configuration

With a combination of UCS C220 and Cisco UCS C240 M5 Rack Servers, this configuration is suitable for deployments with longer data retention and a tiered storage model.

With 250 TB available storage in the default configuration, it can scale to fit your needs.

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