Articles by Neha Duggal

Use a workpad in Canvas to jumpstart your APM efforts and present your data in a big, bold, and beautiful way — in real time.

Elastic announces the ability to integrate OpenTelemetry traces into Elastic APM with ease.

Elastic APM 7.8.0 released with smarter, ML-driven service maps, an annotation API, and a lot of new out-of-the-box instrumentations across our agents

Elastic APM 7.7.0 released with service maps, async profiler, and more


Elastic APM 7.6.0 released

Elastic APM 7.6.0 brings exciting new changes including support for messaging frameworks, while adding direct ingest for Jaeger-instrumented applications

Elastic APM 7.5 features simplified configuration and allows for navigation between logs and additional config options to administer your APM agents.

Elastic APM 7.4.0 is out now, with structured filters, geo visualizations of RUM data, Angular instrumentation, improved Logs app integration, and more.

Elastic APM 7.3.0 Released with .NET Agent GA, aggregate service breakdown charts, agent sample rate configuration from the UI, and more.