Artigos de Kosho Owa

Solutions Architect, Elastic

Solutions Architect

Kosho Owa is a Principal Solution Architect at Elastic with over 12 years experience of leading cybersecurity software development teams and working with very large enterprise customers and xSPs. He covers from search to IT operational and cybersecurity analytics use cases and works together with customers to find out gems from massive volumes of heterogeneous data.


Celebrating the first Elastic Certified Engineer

Meet our first Elastic Certified Engineer — Hiroshi Yoshioka from Acroquest.


Earthquake data with the Elastic Stack

Earthquakes happen everywhere, but do you know they have different characteristics? Let’s discover the fact by exploring the data provided by the NCEDC.


Running Elasticsearch on AWS

Instructions for running Elasticsearch on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a step-by-step example of configuring a three-node Elasticsearch cluster.


「メールけいしちょう」を Elastic Stack で可視化する

警視庁の犯罪・防犯情報提供サービス「メールけいしちょう」で受信したメッセージを Elasticsearch でインデックスし、Kibana で可視化する方法を紹介します。