Artigos de Haley Eshagh

Haley is a content architect at Elastic.


Ringing Ze Bell: Our Distributed Celebrations

A snapshot of the day we "rang ze bell" and celebrated quite a day across our distributed company.


Recap: Elasticsearch Machine Learning Forecasting on Time Series Data

From a single metric job creation to scheduled events and forecasting — a look at the latest with Elastic machine learning features.


A New Elasticsearch Frontier: Elastic Cloud Enterprise 1.0 GA

Provision, manage, and monitor Elasticsearch, Kibana, and X-Pack the way you want, in the environment you choose.


Hosted Elasticsearch Services Roundup: Elastic Cloud and Amazon Elasticsearch Service

What's the difference between Elastic Cloud, Amazon's Elasticsearch Service, and vanilla Elasticsearch on AWS? Let us explain.


The Elasticsearch SIEM Architecture of a Nonprofit: Security at The Nature Conservancy

Security analytics with the Elastic Stack at a distributed, conservation-based organization on a nonprofit budget.


On Indexing Heartbeats and Ballet into Elasticsearch

That time we wired up a ballerina with sensors and indexed her movements in Elasticsearch for visualization in Kibana.


A Snapshot of the Elastic Timeline & How It All Came Together

We put nine years of Elastic history on a 92-foot-long-by-18-foot-high wall.


Elastic Support: An Investment That Keeps Paying Off at Symantec

Even with 18 years of search experience and a PhD in computer science, this senior Symantec engineer finds value in Elastic’s dedicated support and training.


Security and Alerting for Elasticsearch: A Vandis Story (Part 2)

It’s just another day when Shield, Watcher, Marvel, and Beats help Vandis identify and resolve problems before their customers know anything’s amiss.