Articles by Alvin Chen

Logstash 7.9.0 has arrived with faster pipeline startups & restarts, a refreshed Elastic App Search output, continued API key support, and new support for ARM/ARRCH64...

Logstash 7.8.0 has arrived with API key support for authenticating to Elasticsearch, proxy support for monitoring and management, and many new supported OS and JVM/JDK...

Logstash 7.7.0 has arrived with new event ordering, easier troubleshooting through better logging, enhanced S3 integrations, and more Windows platform support...


Beats 7.4.0 released

Beats 7.4.0 is here. It includes new Filebeat inputs for S3 and Kafka, various Functionbeat improvements, new platform support, and many new modules.

Logstash 7.4.0 is now available. Pipeline-to-pipeline communication has gone GA and the NetFlow module has been deprecated.


Beats 7.3.0 released

Beats 7.3.0 is here, and it has new Google Cloud integrations, database metricsets (Oracle, Microsoft, Cockroach, AWS RDS), improved k8s monitoring, and more...

Logstash 7.3.0 is now available with pipeline-to-pipeline communication improvements and the JMS input plugin bundled by default for ingesting data from JMS.


Beats 7.2.0 released

Beats 7.2.0 is here! Learn about scripted processing and various new integrations across the security analytics, cloud native, and Windows ecosystems.

Logstash 7.2.0 is here! Learn about our Java plugins framework and various new integrations like JMS, Elastic App Search, and Google Cloud Storage.