Monitoring Your Elasticsearch Cluster with Beats

Elasticsearch is a great place to centralize infrastructure data for search and analysis — because when the darker forces go to work on your hardware, you want to be able to respond. 

The same applies to your Elasticsearch cluster. The monitoring features in X-Pack provide you with visibility into how your Elastic Stack is running.

Join our team in Sydney for a presentation, live demo, and Q&A about how to successfully:

  • Activate monitoring for Elasticsearch
  • Ship infrastructure data to Elasticsearch
  • Introduction to Beats, followed by demo of Metricbeat (external system data shipper)
  • Create a Kibana dashboard to monitor non-standard infrastructure
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Mark Walkom

With a background in Operations, Mark loves talking about logging all the things. You can usually find him in the Elastic IRC channels, our Discuss forums, or at one of the Australian Meetup groups. Otherwise ask him about why it's Lego, not Legos, and for some of the finer points of aussie barbequing.