Logstash Plugins Ecosystem and Security

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Join Logstash creator, Jordan Sissel and Logstash Team Lead, Suyog Rao for a presentation and discussion on what’s new with Logstash 1.5 including:

  • New Plugin Ecosystem with Examples
  • Integrating Logstash with Security 
  • Alerting and Logstash

Download and start playing around with the latest version, Logstash 5.2.0

Jordan Sissel

Jordan Sissel is the Logstash Creator and Tech Lead for Elastic. Jordan is the lead developer of Logstash. While living in Silicon Valley, he tinkers with computers and practices hate-driven development (working on computers makes him less grumpy). When he's not hacking, he loves doing awesome things as a dad and husband.

Suyog Rao

Suyog Rao is a Logstash Team Lead with Elastic. Suyog develops for the Logstash project, supports customers, and trains users on the Elastic Stack. Previously, he worked on a high-throughput, low-latency infrastructure for ingesting and analyzing terabytes of log data using Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, and Storm.