What's Cookin' in Kibana?

Much has happened in Kibana since 5.0, as we've doubled down on new stack management and data visualization capabilities like never before.

Court and Jim will go through some rad features that have been released since 5.0, and will then highlight some of the most exciting changes that will be shipping in upcoming releases.

Heatmap, log context, pipeline aggregations, CSV export . . . and that's just the start!

Court Ewing

Court Ewing is Tech Lead of Kibana. When he's not closing GitHub issues and fighting AsciiDocs, he's focussing on making the core Kibana infrastructure easier to develop against and test. In his spare time, he overcommits to organizing and participating in local tech events, which makes him the biggest nerd on this list.

Jim Goodwin

Jim Goodwin is the Team Lead for the Kibana/UI Team at Elastic. He has 30 years of experience in the software industry with companies including Lotus Development, IBM, Intuit, and Nokia. The products he's helped deliver span mass market desktop software to modern web services to responsive web UI's.