Contributor Agreement

At Elastic, we are passionate about our products, its users, and the community. You are important to us, so we feel it is only right to ensure we have the agreement of our contributors to use their work, whether it be code or documentation.

Therefore, we are asking all contributors to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA). CLAs are generally common and accepted in most Open Source software projects. We all wish for Elasticsearch to be used and distributed as widely as possible, and for its users to be confident about the origins and continuing existence of the code. The CLA helps us achieve that goal.

The CLA is a license agreement, which enables Elastic to distribute your code without restriction. It doesn't require you to assign to us any copyright you have, the ownership of which remains in full with you. You cannot withdraw permission for its use at a later date.

Depending on who owns the intellectual property for the contribution and whether the contribution was developed within scope of your employment, we will need either a Corporate CLA or an Individual CLA. If you developed the contribution in your individual capacity and you own all of the intellectual property you wish to contribute, then you should submit the option below marking you as an individual contributor. 

If your contribution was developed during the scope of your employment with a company, or if your company otherwise owns the intellectual property you wish to contribute, then we must have a Corporate CLA on file for your company, even if you were the only person who worked on that contribution. In this instance, you should submit the option below marking a company wanting its employees to contribute. You must also be on your company’s list of authorized contributors.

The next step is for you to select the appropriate agreement below, read the terms, and once comfortable, complete the electronic signature. After this, you will receive a copy of the agreement by email, and we can start to use your valued contribution within the different Elasticsearch projects.

Please select the appropriate description that reflects why you are signing up:

If you are a company with an existing contributor license agreement and would like to add or change the list of employees that are authorized to contribute, please email us at

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