글 Russ Cam

Principal Software Engineer, Elastic

Russ Cam is a Principal Software Engineer for Elastic, where he's part of the Clients team, looking after all things Microsoft related, including the Elasticsearch .NET clients, Windows and Azure integrations. He has a keen interest in distributed systems, cloud computing and software design, patterns and practices.


How auto instrumentation with the next iteration of the Elastic APM .NET Agent works

This powerful capability allows the .NET APM agent to instrument and trace code that would otherwise be unfeasible.


A Rust client for Elasticsearch (alpha)

Announcing the alpha release of an official Rust client for Elasticsearch. Find out how to get started, and learn about the design and roadmap for the client.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net: upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 7.0 now GA

The NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 7.0 clients are now GA. Learn more about performance improvements, a simplified codebase, and parity with Elasticsearch 7.0+.


Elastic Stack 7.2.0 is now available on the Azure Marketplace


SAML based Single Sign-On with Elasticsearch and Azure Active Directory

Introducing integration of SAML Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory and our Elastic ARM template offering, including a walkthrough of the steps involved.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net 6.0: Now GA!

We are pleased to release the GA version of the .NET clients for Elasticsearch 6.0


Elastic :heart: Windows (aka Windows MSI Installer release)

The first beta release of our Windows MSI Installer package for Elasticsearch, making getting started with Elasticsearch on Windows easier than ever


Elasticsearch and Kibana Deployments on Azure

A walkthrough of different Elasticsearch and Kibana deployment scenarios on Azure, using Elastic's Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.