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How to combine OpenTelemetry instrumentation with Elastic APM Agent features

This post shows you how you can combine the OpenTelemetry tracing APIs with Elastic APM Agents. You'll learn how OpenTelemetry spans became part of a trace that Elastic APM Agents report.


Announcing general availability of Elastic APM .NET agent profiler auto-instrumentation

In 8.5, we are releasing the auto-instrumentation capability, which allows the .NET APM agent to automatically instrument .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET applications without requiring code changes or recompilation.


Elastic APM .NET agent beta released

Announcing the beta release of the Elastic APM .NET agent, which includes distributed tracing, sampling of transaction subsets, and a variety of metrics.


Elastic APM .NET Agent Preview Released

We are proud to announce the preview release of the Elastic APM .NET Agent! This blog post shows you how you can monitor .NET applications with Elastic APM.