Logstash X-Pack 6.0.0 Release Notes


  • Added the logstash_admin role, which provides access to .logstash-* indices for managing configurations. For more information, see Built-in Roles.
  • Added a tip in the pipeline viewer in Kibana when a pipeline contains a plugin that does not have an id explicitly set in its configuration options. If you specify an ID, you can track differences across pipeline changes. For more information, see Pipeline Viewer UI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed statistics for the number of queued events reported. This would previously always display zero.
  • Fixed the handling of module settings (in particular, elasticsearch.hosts, elasticsearch.username, and elasticsearch.password) such that those values can also be used for X-Pack monitoring credentials. For more information, see Working with Logstash Modules.
  • Added checks for duplicate pipeline IDs. If duplicate IDs are found in pipeline configurations, Logstash does not start the pipeline. Note that the IDs are changed to lowercase before they are validated, so for example pipeline1 and PIPELINE1 are duplicate IDs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from being able to use connections to Elasticsearch without TLS/SSL connections.
  • Fixed a bug that broke links to the pipeline viewer UI when used with the automatic reloading feature.
  • Added a tooltip to show the full text for truncated titles in the Pipeline Viewer UI.
  • Fixed pagination in the Logstash Pipeline Management UI.
  • Fixed rendering of Pipeline Viewer UI in Firefox web browser.
  • Fixed calculation of slowness and time consumption in the Pipeline Viewer UI.
  • Added appropriate message if there are no pipelines to monitor.
  • Fixed large graph performance in the Pipeline Viewer UI.
  • Fixed several layout issues in the Pipeline Viewer UI.
  • Added boolean labeling for true and false edges in the Pipeline Viewer UI.
  • Sorted pipeline versions from newer to older in the Pipelines view.

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